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Riscure True Code version 2021.1 is released

Riscure is happy to announce that a new 20201.1 version of Riscure True Code is now available with exciting feature updates. The new update includes routine improvements and bug fixes, as well as new advanced features for automatic identification of vulnerabilities.

Riscure True code is a Riscure product created to assist software developments in detecting security vulnerabilities in their products. Riscure True Code can be integrated into the software development lifecycle and can identify security vulnerabilities right from the start of the development process.

The most exciting update of version 2021.1 is the newly added feature that maximizes usability and minimizes the number of irrelevant findings (false positives). This version of True Code integrates a Riscure developed algorithm that can automatically identify an attack surface that an attacker would use to break into a product. Subsequently, efforts to automatically search for vulnerabilities and mitigate them can be focused on this part of the source code. In addition, the automated checks in True Code have been enhanced with a technology that is called symbolic execution. The symbolic execution enables True Code to check if a vulnerability is exploitable when the code is executed at run time. The addition of these features increase the quality of the automated checks.

The True Code version 2021.1 can also be installed and distributed, making use of an image, which means that the installation is less dependent on local resources and dependencies. It is also easily distributed amongst several developer machines and server environments and within a user’s organization.

Based on the feedback of True Code users, we have implemented a lot of smaller user requests. The usage of the configuration wizards has become easier and more straightforward next to using the True Code simulator that can be used to detect fault injection vulnerabilities. Lastly, the new True Code release uses LLVM version 11, the latest LLVM versions with improved robustness and performance. Furthermore, this gives Riscure a stepping stone in creating new functionality: Fuzzing.

Contact one of our sales representatives or local resellers for more information or to schedule a product demonstration at inforequest@riscure.com. To learn more about Riscure True Code, check out our website.

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