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Riscure tests 5G devices for security

Riscure announces a range of services for 5G device developers. 5G networks will soon become a foundation for large systems of autonomous IoT devices and therefore it is vital to make sure the security of 5G solutions is robust. With the new service offer, Riscure is able to help our customers improve the security of 5G development devices and software, as well as to create and deploy security test equipment.

It is as essential to secure the devices and services at the early stages of development, especially for a critical industry standard like 5G. Riscure has over 15 years of experience in testing and providing device security that directly applies to 5G solutions. We are accredited to conduct broad payment evaluations with large expertise in mobile payments and relevant technologies from chipsets to application and back-end solutions. Riscure is also an international market leader in providing test equipment for side channel and fault injection robustness of chip technology. We partner with other companies to provide customers with higher values expertise and results. Our partnership with Keysight for the development of secure and resilient 5G networks, devices, and services allows us to deliver not only security testing but functionality testing as well.

5G security evaluation from Riscure includes three major service types. First, together with Keysight, we advance the security of 5G IoT through White/Black box testing combined with the functionality testing of the device. Next, Riscure also protects your reputation by detecting vulnerabilities in 5G-compatible devices. Finally, for those companies that are looking to achieve full transparency with their customers, we offer an independent security report of their 5G solution, with a focus on data integrity.

Interested? Learn more about our services by following the link or contact us directly at inforequest@riscure.com.

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