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Riscure supports Thales in achieving the first GSMA consumer device certificate in the market

Riscure congratulates Thales on successfully achieving the first GSMA consumer device certificate for their Qualcomm-based iSIM solution. The product has met all requirements prescribed by the SGP.25 Protection Profile.

Security achievements and certifications are quickly becoming key differentiator in the telecommunications industry. Riscure is honored that this evaluation campaign was entrusted to our team of experts, as this project marks a special achievement in our ambition to align top of the line security evaluation services with evolving business objectives.

This campaign successfully highlighted product security robustness utilizing novel security evaluation methods in record breaking timelines and in close alignment with the security evaluation activities performed on the underlying platform developed by Qualcomm. Up to this moment, strict timelines and complexity of products were considered as one of the main impediments to achieving deployment of certified products. This accomplishment was brought about by high quality products, outstanding expertise utilized in performing security evaluations and pragmatism and market focus of GSMA program led by TrustCB.

“The GSMA eUICC Security Assurance is the state-of-the-art certification assurance defined by GSMA covering all security aspects from development to production of the iSIM,” said Guillaume Lafaix, Vice President Embedded Products at Thales Mobile and Connectivity Solutions at Thales. “This eSA certification, including thorough hardware and software assessment performed by Riscure, will bring the trust the market needed to ensure that an iSIM reaches the same assurance level and provides the same flexible ‘anytime anywhere’ connectivity offered by the eSIM.”

“Due to the high level of assurance requirements prescribed with the SGP.25 Protection Profile, both product security robustness and security evaluation techniques needed to be carefully designed and executed to satisfy the required levels,” said Pascal van Gimst, Riscure’s Vice President of Global Services Sales and Business Development. “Execution of these campaigns was an inspiring challenge for Riscure and we are very pleased we were able to successfully support our key partners. Our scopes are already set on new areas of innovation that will further improve the speed, quality, and security assurance levels provided to the final users.”

For more information about Riscure security certification services, feel free to contact us anytime at inforequest@riscure.com.

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