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Riscure successfully supports PACE Anti Piracy in achieving EMVCo SBMP certification of the White-Box Works technology

Riscure congratulates PACE on achieving EMVCo Software-Based Mobile Payment (SBMP) certification for their “White-Box Works” solution. As an independent third-party lab, Riscure conducted the evaluation according to EMVCo SBMP requirements, and this resulted in a successful acquisition of the EMVCo SBMP certificate by PACE.

The evaluation of the White-box Cryptography solution was conducted by Riscure North America. The successful outcome showcases the uniqueness of PACE’s “White-Box Works” technology as it can take any cryptographic cipher and transform it into a White-box Crypto instance which is robust against sophisticated key extraction attacks. Gaining the EVMCo SBMP certification demonstrates that PACE’s technology is fit-for-purpose for the financial industry.

Allen Cronce, CEO of PACE Anti-Piracy, Inc. states: “Riscure’s security experts are extremely talented and thorough in their work, and their entire Riscure team has been a pleasure to work with throughout the very rigorous EMVCo SBMP evaluation process. It’s also noteworthy that White-Box Works was certified as a stand-alone technology and did not require the additional protection of binary hardening and tamper proofing technology to receive an EMVCo security evaluation certificate. I believe this is another industry first for White-Box Works, an unmatched achievement we are very proud to highlight.”

This successful evaluation and resulting certification marks an important milestone for Riscure North America. As this was the first official EMVCo SBMP evaluation by Riscure North America, it is now also officially accredited as a Full EMVCo SBMP security laboratory.

“We are very excited for PACE achieving EMVCo SBMP certification. The White-Box Works technology brings a unique capability to solution developers in the financial and mobile payment industry as it allows developers to create White-Box Cryptographic implementations from any algorithm. The EMVCo SBMP certification demonstrates that the technology from PACE is fit for purpose and adds value for developers when designing and implementing Mobile Payment, Tap-to-Phone, SPoC, CPoC or any sort of mobile application in which securing cryptographic materials is important.” – Maarten Bron, Managing Director of Riscure North America.

About Riscure

Founded in 2001, Riscure is a leading global advisor on the security of connected and IoT devices, as well as a recognized vendor of advanced security testing tools and security training. Riscure helps customers around the world to build robust hardware and software solutions and to speed up the process of secure development and certification.

Since 2007, Riscure has pioneered in assessing the security of mobile solutions and mobile security technology with a current extensive track record of 200+ security evaluations of Mobile Payment and Mobile POS solutions, 25+ OEM Pays with multiple smartphone vendors (OEMs), 25+ Mobile Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) and 50+ Mobile Software Security Solutions including obfuscation, white-box cryptography, and biometric solutions.

Riscure’s expertise is well recognized by the industry and has many accreditations, among which are Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, EMVco, PCI, GlobalPlatform, Common Criteria certification body accreditation, ARM PSA, SESIP, Nagra, Irdeto, Verimatrix, and Synamedia, to perform security assessments of a wide variety of solutions.

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About PACE Anti-Piracy, Inc.

PACE Anti-Piracy Inc. is a privately held company based in Silicon Valley, California, and is an industry leader in providing robust software protection and flexible license management services. Since 1985, PACE has provided software publishers and distributors with easy-to-use high-quality solutions for anti-piracy protection and secure software distribution. PACE’s products and services are used by world-class software publishers around the world.

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