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Riscure successfully completes its first SESIP evaluation project

Riscure is excited to announce that Amazon’s FreeRTOS software has successfully passed the Security Evaluation Standard for IoT Platforms (SESIP) certification evaluation. Thanks to strong collaboration with the Amazon team, support from our partner JTsec, and the certification body TrustCB overseeing the activity, Riscure is proud to see the project accomplished. With the achievement of the Level 2 certification, FreeRTOS is accredited as a security provider against moderate attack potential.

As Riscure’s very first SESIP project, our partnership has also enabled Riscure to become formally SESIP accredited. Our accreditations now officially include PSA Certified, SESIP certified, and CSA CLS evaluations in the IoT domain.

Amazon’s FreeRTOS was developed and constructed for a security caliber appropriate for specialized IoT devices. In line with SESIP requirements, it comes with instructional documentation that can provide optimal security when followed and implemented in the early set-up.

Being SESIP certified makes FreeRTOS more attractive for device manufacturers who want to ensure the security of their IoT devices before they hit the market. As the security can be further developed during each implementation, Riscure can support the aspiration of the device manufacturer to include additional security capabilities specific for their use and acquire a more extensive IoT certificate. If you’re a manufacturer of platforms or platform components in IoT devices, the SESIP security certification scheme will be highly relevant for you.

“Security is the top priority for FreeRTOS. We are delighted to see that Riscure has successfully assessed and certified the FreeRTOS Long Term Support libraries for the Security Evaluation Standard for IoT Platforms (SESIP) Assurance Level 2. This gives all FreeRTOS developers confidence in their use of FreeRTOS and makes it easier for those who need to achieve security compliance.” – Richard Barry, Senior Principal Engineer, Amazon Web Services

The rapidly evolving IoT ecosystem requires security evaluation and certification to match this very diverse landscape. With its tiered certification scheme, SESIP addresses the requirements of both application areas that need basic-level security stamps and protection against more complicated security threats, while Riscure is ready and able to partner for any level of evaluation.

To find out how Riscure can help you ensure your devices’ security, check out our SESIP offer. If you have questions, feel free to contact us at rietkerken@riscure.com.

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