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Riscure releases Inspector Pre-Silicon, the first automated solution to find hardware vulnerabilities during design stage

Riscure releases the first version of Inspector Pre-Silicon, the latest product in the Riscure suite of software and hardware solutions aimed to help vendors test and improve the security of their devices. Inspector Pre-Silicon is a truly groundbreaking development that will help customers identify security issues during the design stage of a chip. It’s the first solution of its kind for the semiconductor industry that not only enables the identification of leakage via side channels, but also uses a patented method to pinpoint the exact root cause. Inspector Pre-Silicon is designed to be integrated in the existing toolchain of a chip design team to be able to automate security testing in various stages of the design process.

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Marc Witteman, CEO of Riscure, commented: “In device security, the cost of mitigating a vulnerability rises exponentially with time. The later you find the problem, the more difficult it is to fix. The semiconductor industry is the one affected the most: once the tape-out or ‘post-silicon’ phase is reached, it becomes increasingly expensive to fix a security issue. Inspector Pre-Silicon is the result of years of research at Riscure that addresses this issue by helping to shift strong security testing to the left. We are giving our customers a tool to automate security testing, find leakage and the corresponding root cause. All this is done during the design stage, when fixing a problem requires the least amount of effort”.

Inspector Pre-Silicon integrates with the customer’s EDA toolchain, where an RTL design, Netlist or routed netlist is simulated. The outputs of these simulations are used by Inspector Pre-Silicon to create a number of traces– which are then analyzed in order to detect leakage. Riscure’s product can identify the window in which the leakage occurs, detect which signals and gates are active in that window, and then rank them based on which are contributing most to the leakage. This offers customers the benefit of automated security testing during design. Inspector Pre-Silicon enables the identification of a root cause even when testing is done by hardware developers without extensive security expertise. Ultimately, Riscure allows vendors to speed up the security testing process and reduce the risks of certification failure or delivering an insecure product.

The first release of Inspector Pre-Silicon focuses on Side-Channel Analysis for AES Additional algorithms and fault injection testing scenarios are currently under development and will be added in the future. The product will be deployed on the customer side and combined with the DevSecOps security consulting service Riscure offers.

Discover more information about Riscure’s Inspector Pre-Silicon on our product page. To gain a comprehensive understanding of Pre-Silicon security testing, attend our webinar on January 24th. You will have the opportunity to engage with Riscure experts in real-time and a recording of the webinar will also be provided for future reference.

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