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Riscure releases improved Fault Injection laser sources

Riscure launches largely improved laser sources for 3 different wavelengths. All laser sources have improved pulse length accuracy. Pulse length for all three wavelengths can be as small as 2ns.

For successful fault Injection testing laser sources that are fast, accurate, reliable and powerful are paramount. The new and improved Riscure laser sources will give your security test team exactly that.

With state-of-the-art technology these multi-mode diode lasers can be configured to set the pulse length as small as 2ns. In addition, the improved laser sources are more powerful than their predecessors. The 1064nm laser sources even goes up to 30W output power!

The new laser sources are all equipped with a smart discharge mechanism that will, together with the improved design, increase the repetition rate to 50MhZ.

The new laser sources will give your security test team more control over their laser fault injection setups and therefore increase the chances of success. They work seamlessly with the Riscure Laser Station 2, but can also be used with the Diode Laser Station or a non Riscure laser station.

The new laser sources are available immediately. Please contact your sales representative for more information or send an request to