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Riscure Receives eUICC Security Assurance Accreditation

Riscure is honored to announce that it is now a GSMA eUICC Security Assurance (eSA) Licensed Laboratory.

Riscure is honored to announce that it is now a GSMA eUICC Security Assurance (eSA) Licensed Laboratory. Receiving eSA accreditation enables Riscure to provide device and component evaluation testing against the security objectives within the GSMA Protection Profiles. Specifically, the SGP.05 profile for M2M devices and the SGP.25 profile for consumer devices.

The eSA scheme performs detailed evaluations on embedded SIM cards (eSIM/eUICC) using the security evaluation process described in SGP.07 – which has been already used for Common Criteria (CC) evaluations in the Netherlands for several years. This creates a dynamic set of security evaluation procedures for eSIM products, the key principles of which are securing access and safeguarding networks and subscribers’ accounts.

Riscure as an eSA Scheme Licensed Laboratory

The combination of the GSMA certification and Riscure’s existing knowledge and skills in the mobile and IoT security domains will further support the long-standing relationships with industry stakeholders. By joining GSMA as an eSA Licensed Laboratory, Riscure will now support our partners with security evaluations in alignment with the GSMA eSA Scheme requirements.

Riscure is proud to have the opportunity to support our partners by bundling different evaluation programmes in one campaign – including CC with eSA or CC, eSA and EMVCo on eSIM/eUICC – allowing our partners to access multiple outputs, resulting in a greater market deployment of target products. As a result, this accreditation will enable our partners to reach scalable certification results for their products.

“We launched the GSMA eUICC Security Assurance scheme to support standards across eSIM management. With eSA, we have created a more condensed security assurance scheme than the existing Common Criteria to help make the process of demonstrating compliance with product security requirements faster and more efficient,” said Alex Sinclair, Chief Technology Officer GSMA. “We are delighted to recognize Riscure as an eSA Licensed Laboratory.”

Marc Witteman, CEO of Riscure, commented: “With the accreditation of Riscure by GSMA as an eUICC Security Assurance Licensed Laboratory, we now offer a complete package of security evaluation services for the products targeting the telecommunications industry. At Riscure, we are passionate about providing the best security assurance on products for end-users. Our extensive expertise in the field puts us in the best position to support our partners and customers in their secure development and certification processes. Therefore, working with Riscure becomes even more time and cost-effective, which is a critical property requested by this market segment.”

About Riscure

Riscure is a leading vendor of security tools and training for edge devices. Our tooling helps global technology leaders to build robust hardware and software solutions. Riscure security analysts bring top-notch security expertise to development teams and aim to run no-pain certification projects. Built on a wealth of security research and extensive practical experience, Riscure is well recognized for its technical leadership. If you are interested in evaluating your product with Riscure, feel free to get in touch with us via inforequest@riscure.com.

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