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Riscure North America is the first US-based EMVCo SBMP accredited lab

Riscure is pleased to announce that its site in San Francisco has successfully achieved EMVCo SBMP lab accreditation. Therefore Riscure is now able to support US-based payment solutions and component providers with their EMVCo SBMP certification needs, from Chipset vendors and TEE providers to CDCVM, Software Protection Tool, Payment SDK, and final payment wallet providers. With this achievement, Riscure becomes the first and only EMVCo security evaluation lab in the United States.

There are various reasons why mobile payment solution providers consider getting an EMVCo SBMP certification, including ensuring the security of their solution and easing the acceptance by the largest card brands. Find out more about the EMVCo SBMP certification and who and why you should consider it in our whitepaper 3 Reasons Why Your Payment App Needs To Get EMVCo Certified and How App Shielding Can Help You Get There.

Are you interested in evaluating your solution against EMVCo SBMP requirements as well as receiving the certification? Check out our security certification EMVCo SBMP page. To get in touch with Riscure about EMVCo SBMP certification you can email us at and via the form on the page.