Riscure joins the FIDO alliance

Riscure has joined the FIDO Alliance, the world’s largest ecosystem for standard-based interoperable authentication. FIDO Alliance provides specification and certifies a wide range of hardware-, mobile- and biometrics-based authentication solutions, all supporting a unified standard. Being a member of the FIDO Alliance, Riscure ensures that it is capable of providing full certification services to vendors who would like to support FIDO in their solutions. In fact, Riscure is one of the few labs capable of evaluating devices against higher levels of certification, such as 2, 3 and 3+.

Tim Hartog, Riscure’s Director of Sales and Business Development, commented: “The reliance on passwords exposes enterprises to a variety of threats such as man-in-the-middle replay attacks and phishing. Because of these attacks and demonstrated massive data breaches, the market is searching for stronger forms of authentication. The FIDO Alliance aims to overcome this inherent weakness of traditional authentication mechanisms by standardizing different solutions for two-factor authentication. The current FIDO ecosystem is growing strong and entails many hardware and software solutions providers. Becoming a FIDO Alliance member allows Riscure to contribute security expertise and offer the entire range of security services to participating hardware and software vendors”.

As a leading expert on embedded and connected devices, as well as mobile security, Riscure aims to support the FIDO ecosystem with decades of security expertise. Riscure is fully capable of supporting solution providers during the development phase of their solutions as well as to gain security certification by FIDO for their FIDO compliant solutions. We are also working closely with the FIDO Alliance on continuously providing feedback and recommendations on how to further improve the security standards.

If you are interested in evaluating your FIDO solution with Riscure, please get in touch with us via

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