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Riscure Inspector User Workshop 2017: Agenda posted

We are happy to share full agenda for the two-day Riscure User Workshop 2017, our annual event where we showcase the latest developments in embedded systems security.

Here are some highlights:

• Deep Learning.

We will discuss how Deep Learning methods can be used in side channel analysis, what the benefits are and will share results with regard to hardware acceleration. We will demonstrate a demo of a Deep Learning implementation in Inspector software.

• Design Time Analysis.

This new technique allows vendors to assess the security of a chip in a simulated environment instead of having to wait for the real silicon to be produced. We will reveal details of an integrated DTA solution, currently in development by Riscure in partnership with Synopsys.

• Emission Microscopy

Emission images can reveal a lot about chip behavior when performing cryptographic operations. Riscure has conducted a research to explore the practicality and benefits of this method.

And much more insights on Side Channel Analysis and Fault Injection techniques, based on the research conducted by Riscure this year.

Inspector User Workshop is scheduled September 21-22 in Europe, October 12-13 in the USA and October 26-27 in China. We also invite you to join a special workshop training on how to conduct analysis of a complex embedded target using Riscure’s Spider Tool. This training is scheduled one day in advance of the User Workshop in every region. Check the agenda for details.

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