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Riscure goes to Embedded World 2022

Riscure invites you to meet with us at the 2022 Embedded World Conference in Germany. The conference, taking place in Nuremberg in June from the 21st to the 23rd, is one of the largest events dedicated to embedded technology. We welcome you to visit our booth, and also book a meeting with one of our experts. We look forward to discussing the recent updates and challenges in embedded security. We hope to meet fellow security enthusiasts and development teams and have a lot of fun together.

Riscure will be represented by members of the Security Tools, Security Services, and Riscure Academy teams. If you are attending and would like to book a meeting with us, see the details and contact information below. See you at Embedded World!

Embedded Security Tools: Hardware and Software

Inspector Tool is a Riscure’s internally developed product line for post-silicon testing of composite systems against FI and SCA. This includes complete setups for power, electro-magnetic, and laser glitching attacks, as well as analysis software. Want to know more about (how to start with) FI and SCA testing or its capabilities? Let’s talk!

True Code is the number 1 software security testing tool, helping C/C++ developers and security experts collaborate to find software vulnerabilities in embedded systems sooner. Includes FI simulation, fuzzing (ISO 21434), static application testing, and more. Want to understand how you can mitigate embedded software vulnerabilities during the development stages? Reach out to Nic van der Tol to find out more or schedule a meeting via vandertol@riscure.com.

Riscure Academy: Embedded Security Training

Riscure has been investing heavily in training capabilities, knowledge sharing, and mentoring initiatives. We have developed a unique ‘blended-learning’ approach for training in Riscure Academy. Riscure’s knowledge programs are built to develop a security top of mind in technical teams so as to avoid preventable security mistakes during the development cycle of a product. Includes topics such as Secure Coding, Embedded Systems Security, and more. Want to understand how to build foundational security knowledge within your organization? Meghdipa Manna at mannam@riscure.com would be happy to share with you more details about Riscure Academy and available training.

Embedded Security Services: Development, Certification, and Standards.

Riscure’s team of security experts evaluates the security of different products throughout their development lifecycle. With Riscure Services we support our clients in meeting their customers’ security demands and industry requirements through evaluation and certification such as PSA Certified and SESIP. Our security evaluation services include platform evaluation (chipset and platform code), application layer security as well as security-oriented solutions such as TEE and secure elements. Interested in meeting industry security requirements through certification, testing, and evaluation services? Reach out to Nkhensani Chauke to learn more about our full portfolio of services at chauke@riscure.com.

Feel free to contact us through our website or respond by sending an e-mail to arrange a meeting with one of our representatives. We also invite you to come by Riscure’s Booth at 4-535 for a complimentary coffee, sticker, or brochure. Hope to see you there!

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