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Riscure congratulates Promon on achieving EMVCo SBMP certification

We are happy to announce that as a result of a successful EMVCo Software-Based Mobile Payment (SBMP) Evaluation conducted by Riscure, Promon’s Software Protection Tool is now EMVCo SBMP certified.

The SBMP security certification standard as defined by EMVCo can be applied to a variety of Mobile Payment solutions, from Host Card Emulation (HCE) SDKs to HCE Wallets as well as fundamental components used to develop payment solutions such as Trusted Execution Environments (TEE), CDCVMs and even Software Protection Tools.

As the payment industry and especially mobile payment solutions with their underlying technology continue to develop rapidly, it is of key importance to consider the security impact of these developments. In the past decade, Riscure has collaborated with many mobile security technology providers, including most software protection tool vendors that aim to enable App developers to secure their (mobile payment) solutions. By identifying and demonstrating attack vectors and attack techniques against these security technologies, Riscure supports the tools providers in improving the security robustness of these tools.

With the introduction of SBMP in 2018 by EMVCo, the payment brands have standardized the security certification process for mobile payment solutions. The SBMP standard guarantees a consistent security evaluation and certification process, assuring the solutions’ security is determined. This enables payment brands to provide solution approval for the evaluated solutions if the required security level is met.

During the collaboration with Promon, Riscure has evaluated the capabilities and sophistication of the Promon Code Protection mechanisms and determined their robustness against expert-level attacks. As a result of the security evaluation process with Promon, their Software Protection Tool was recognized as an EMVCo certified Software Protection Tool.

“Having a strong presence already in the mobile banking industry, Promon is now also able to add value through their Code Protections to other mobile payment solutions, including Tap-to-Phone, SPoC, CPoC, and mobile authentication apps. As the Security Evaluation Laboratory, Riscure is pleased to support developers like Promon with thoroughly testing their Code Protections and their certifications needs.” – Tim Hartog, Director Mobile Payment at Riscure.

“We are extremely proud to have achieved EMVCo SBMP certification. App security is what we do best and this stamp of approval from Riscure – whose penetration testing capabilities and industry expertise are second to none – further solidifies our position as one of the leading app security solutions on the market, particularly at a time when the cybersecurity threat landscape is constantly evolving, becoming increasingly sophisticated and complex,” – said Tom Lysemose Hansen, Promon CTO.

“We know that meeting the ever-changing regulations surrounding compliance is essential for mobile payment solution vendors and this certification from Riscure means that developers utilising our industry-leading software can work with confidence, knowing that their apps are receiving the highest standard of protection. Additionally, by implementing an already-EMVCO-certified app shielding solution, the app’s overall time to market is also significantly reduced.”

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