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Riscure completes PSA Certified evaluation with Cypress

The PSA Certified program launched ahead of Embedded World 2019, taking place February 26-28 in Nuremberg, Germany. Riscure collaborated with Arm and other leading global testing labs to define the program. Cypress’ PSoC 64 Secure MCUs provided a strong candidate for evaluation, and as a result, it is one of the first solutions to be certified.

Jack Ogawa, Senior Director of Marketing at Cypress, commented: “Cypress is dedicated to offering secure solutions in the IoT space and is working together with Arm and Riscure towards this goal. One aspect is PSA Certification, which helps users quickly discern security-capable devices.  As the program advances to address different levels of security requirements, we look forward to PSoC 64 Secure MCUs achieving higher levels of certification.” 

PSA Certified provides a simple and comprehensive approach to security testing. It comprises two elements: a multi-level, security robustness scheme (Levels 1, 2 and 3) and a developer focused API test suite. PSA Certified enables device makers to achieve the security required for their use case through these three progressive levels of security assurance, each requiring increasingly rigorous hardware and software evaluation, which are assigned by analyzing the use case threat vectors. The program enables IoT device makers, software vendors and independent labs to help build trust in the security of a new generation of IoT products.

“Trust builds value, and as we drive towards a world of a trillion connected devices it’s our industry’s responsibility to enable this trust in connected devices, the data they collect and their deployment at scale,” said Paul Williamson, VP and GM, Emerging Business Group at Arm. “PSA Certified, in partnership with leading security testing labs including Riscure, enables IoT solution developers and device makers to verify their solutions have been designed with a secure foundation, in line with Arm Platform Security Architecture (PSA) principles.”s

The security of IoT requires proper architecture, implementation and verification, and Riscure is dedicated to supporting customers in their efforts to implement this structural security mindset,” said Marc Witteman, CEO, Riscure. “We believe that the multilevel PSA Certified program enables IoT vendors and their customers to address ever-growing privacy and security concerns, building further trust in connected devices.

Riscure is a fully accredited lab under the PSA Certified program and we are dedicated to helping our customers to improve the security of their products and gain market recognition. To discuss the evaluation of your IoT solution, please contact Riscure at

About Riscure

Founded in 2001, Riscure is the global software and hardware security lab, specializing in connected and IoT devices. Riscure is also the leading manufacturer of Side Channel Analysis and Fault Injection test equipment. Riscure provides Services, Tools and Training to help customers around the world enhance protection of their solutions and speed up the process of secure development and certification. Riscure serves Semiconductor, Mobile and Electronic Payment, Automotive and Premium Content industries as well as Government sector. Riscure is headquartered in Delft, The Netherlands with offices in San Francisco, USA and Shanghai, China. Follow us on Twitter @Riscure and LinkedIn.