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Riscure completes the 3rd evaluation under the BSPA security program

Riscure has successfully completed the third security evaluation under the terms of the Baseline Security Product Assessment (BSPA), the security evaluation program in the Netherlands which presents strict requirements for products to be used in the government operations. Riscure was selected as a security lab of choice by the Dutch government institution responsible to evaluate a popular business-oriented messaging platform. During the evaluation, Riscure, as an accredited lab for BSPA evaluations, analyzed the security of the messaging service according to the Dutch requirements for robustness. The service has proved to meet the demands of the Dutch government as specified by BSPA.

Earlier this year Riscure has also successfully conducted a project with iStorage. As a result, 19 encrypted storage solutions were successfully certified by the Dutch agency under BSPA.

John Michael, CEO, iStorage Limited, comments: “For the diskAshur PRO2 and diskAshur DT2, the BSPA is an important security certification which is testament to the ultra-secure features incorporated within the drive. The rigorous testing and certification procedure was conducted swiftly, and we were happy to partner with Riscure to reassure our customers that our diskAshur PRO2 and diskAshur DT2 hardware encrypted hard drives and solid state drives meet the strictest standards of data protection”.

The Baseline Security Product Assessment presents requirements for data protection, and the evaluation procedure includes a variety of tests on hardware and software robustness. When passed, BSPA certification allows vendor products to be used in the Dutch government operations where data security is a major requirement. Riscure has been accredited to conduct BSPA evaluations by Netherlands National Communications Security Agency since 2016. If you are interested in evaluating your product under this evaluation scheme, as well as Common Criteria and other programs, feel free to contact Riscure at

About Riscure
Founded in 2001, Riscure is the global software and hardware security lab, specializing in connected and IoT devices. Riscure is also the leading manufacturer of Side Channel Analysis and Fault Injection test equipment. Riscure provides Services, Tools and Training to help customers around the world enhance protection of their solutions and speed up the process of secure development and certification. Riscure serves Semiconductor, Mobile and Electronic Payment, Automotive and Premium Content industries as well as Government sector. Riscure is headquartered in Delft, The Netherlands with offices in San Francisco, USA and Shanghai, China. Follow us on Twitter @Riscure and LinkedIn.