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Riscure and Argus announce RHME3

This year’s CTF continues the tradition of posing the most complex hardware-based security challenges to industry professionals and features a new automotive theme.

Riscure, the global embedded systems security lab and the world’s leading provider of hardware security test tools, is partnering with Argus Cyber Security, the largest independent automotive cybersecurity company, to conduct the Riscure Hack Me 3 challenge.

Riscure and Argus Cyber Security today announced Riscure Hack Me 3 (RHme3), the third installment of Riscure’s annual Capture the Flag (CTF) challenge. This year’s CTF continues the tradition of posing the most complex hardware-based security challenges to industry professionals and features a new automotive theme.

The partnership between the two security companies makes RHme3 the world’s first global automotive CTF. Utilizing hardware and software concepts similar to the ones used in real vehicles, RHme3 will enable participants to challenge the security of embedded systems specifically designed for this CTF.

Registration for RHme3 will open on August 7th, 2017 at 12:00 CET. At that time, the welcome challenge will become available. The first 500 participants to pass the welcome challenge will receive an RHme3 hardware module for free. The main competition – with more than 15 challenges covering side channel analysis and fault injection, reverse engineering, and other attack scenarios – will begin November 1st, 2017 and conclude on March 1st, 2018.

“We believe that the most effective way for the cyber security and automotive industries to communicate with each other is by sharing practical intelligence. Successful cooperation will ensure that cars of the future, with safety-critical self-driving capabilities, relying on complex hardware and software, are better protected than they would be otherwise,” said Marc Witteman, CEO of Riscure. “To boost constructive communications between the automotive industry and the security community, we have created RHme3: The world’s first automotive CTF that will help safely evaluate the strength of systems very similar to those used in real cars. In addition to security aspects of cryptographic protocols, Side Channel Analysis, Fault Injection and secure programming already tested in previous contests, we have partnered with Argus Cyber Security to introduce challenges that simulate the real-life operation of circuitry used in Electronic Control Units, infotainment and telematics systems of modern vehicles.”

“We are excited to be working with Riscure on the RHme3 Capture the Flag competition. The collaboration brings together expertise from the leading hardware and software cyber security researchers, and promotes cooperation in automotive cyber research, which is critical to staying ahead of increasingly sophisticated attacks,” said Yaron Galula, Co-Founder & CTO of Argus Cyber Security. “As vehicles become more connected, they are increasingly vulnerable to cyber-attacks. With tens of millions of connected vehicles already on the road, securing these vehicles from cyber threats is needed to keep people safe and the economy running. Argus is participating in this CTF to raise awareness of cyber risks to connected vehicles.”

RHme3 Highlights:

• Embedded systems CTF created by Riscure in partnership with Argus Cyber Security.

• Allows participants and interested parties to enhance their knowledge of embedded systems security in general, and hardware security in particular.

• For the first time simulates real-life scenarios relevant to automotive cybersecurity: A special group of challenges co-developed by Argus and Riscure utilizes CAN protocol commonly used in modern cars.

• A special Arduino compatible custom board has been developed for the RHme3 challenge.

• The core of the board is an Atmel XMEGA with 4 times more memory and 2x faster than the previous RHme boards.

• The RHme3 board also has a crypto-hardware accelerator and two CAN controllers, which allow for a whole new range of challenges.

• The first 500 participants who pass the initial challenge will receive the board for free.

• Additional details can be found at the RHme3 website.

About Riscure

Riscure, founded in 2001, is the global software and hardware security evaluation lab, specializing in embedded systems and IoT Security and the leading manufacturer of Side Channel Analysis and Fault Injection test equipment. Riscure provides Services, Tools and Training to help customers around the world enhance protection of their solutions and speed up the process of secure development and certification. Riscure serves Semiconductor, Mobile Payment, Premium Content, Industrial, Healthcare and Automotive industries. Riscure is headquartered in Delft, The Netherlands with offices in San Francisco, USA and sales representatives in the Middle East and Asia. Follow us on Twitter @Riscure and LinkedIn.

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About Argus Cyber Security

Argus is the world’s largest independent automotive cyber security company. Argus’ comprehensive and proven solution suites protect connected cars and commercial vehicles against cyber-attacks. With decades of experience in both cyber security and the automotive industry, Argus offers innovative security methods and proven computer networking know-how with a deep understanding of automotive best practices. Customers include car manufacturers, their Tier 1 suppliers, and aftermarket connectivity providers. Founded in 2013, Argus is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, with offices in Michigan, Silicon Valley, Stuttgart and Tokyo. Visit argus-sec.com to learn more. @ArgusSec | LinkedIn

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