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Riscure announces the special CHES CTF with a Deep Learning theme

Riscure is happy to announce the special Capture The Flag competition, part of this year’s Conference on Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems. Developed by Riscure’s team in partnership with the CHES conference itself, Project REASSURE and Google, the CTF is aimed to evaluate the concepts of Deep Learning and Classic Profiling (template and horizontal attack, random forests, etc) when applied to Side Channel Attacks. The CHES CTF participants will be offered challenges where cryptographic keys need to be extracted from the provided traces.

The challenges will be based on 3 algorithms, DES, AES and RSA, and a total of six rounds are to be held during the competition. The participants are expected to prepare from July 1 till August 31 by training their Neuronal Network or adjusting their parameters based on the training trace sets that will be released. The training sets are already available on the CTF website for registered participants. The main phase of the CTF will start early September. The competition will be concluded, and results will be announced during the CHES conference, scheduled September 9-12 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Immediately after CHES Riscure will host its own annual User Workshop. Visit this page to learn more and register.