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Riscure Accredited for EPI Digital Wallet Evaluations, Securing Europe’s Next Payment Platform

Author: Riscure Team

Riscure announces that it has been accredited by European Payments Initiative (EPI) to conduct security evaluations for the next generation of digital wallet applications. This latest accreditation means Riscure can now support solution providers with certification of their products in accordance with the EPI Certification and Approval Framework.

Riscure now provides security evaluation services for the following European Payments Initiative (EPI) certification and approval objects:

  • EPI Standalone Wallet,
  • EPI Digital Wallet Applications embedded in the Payment Service Provider’s (PSP) own Wallet.

The EPI is an initiative formed by 16 European banks and financial service providers to build a new digital wallet and a unified account-to-account solution for Europe. This solution aims to establish a new standard in payment methods across Europe, benefiting both consumers and merchants across all types of retail transactions, whether in-store, online, or person-to-person (P2P).

With a focus on advancing the payment landscape, EPI is committed to developing a comprehensive digital wallet based on the Instant Payment scheme, as defined by the European Payments Council (EPC). Such digital wallets aim to support a wide range of transactions, including those between merchants and individuals, offering superior security, immediacy, and user-friendliness. This initiative aligns with Europe’s strategic push towards instant payments and responds to calls from European authorities for the development of an independent, alternative payment system based on Instant Payment schemes.

Pascal van Gimst, VP of Sales and Business Development at Riscure, commented: “Riscure has been working at the forefront of pioneering payment technologies since its inception. We are honored to contribute to the EPI initiative, securing the next generation of digital payment solutions that promise safety and efficiency for consumers across Europe.”


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