It is our pleasure to inform you that we organize an open training week in China in May 2017. Whether you are an engineer, analyst, researcher, developer, technical leader, novice or seasoned ... Stay ahead with knowledge from the practitioners!

Introduction to smart card security - 15-17 May - Shanghai, PRC

Riscure provides a three day practical introduction to all relevant attack techniques for smart cards. We introduce secure programming patterns with focus on logical, side channel security and fault injection techniques providing an understanding of the security requirements which can be taken into account when developing or evaluating the security of a smart card.

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Advanced Side Channel Analysis - 18-19 May, Shanghai, PRC

Take your side channel analysis skills to the next level with our advanced course. During two days of intense training you prepare for analysing the resilience of advanced crypto implementations with strong countermeasures against side channel analysis.

This course is aimed at side channel professionals who implement countermeasures and/or security evaluators that use side channels to measure leakage. The course has a good balance of practise and theory and you perform hands-on exercises with real-world targets while understanding the theoretical backgrounds of the attacks. During the practical sessions you work in small groups using our side channel test equipment.

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How to book?

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