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NXP and Riscure successfully scale security certification of Secure Elements

Riscure has completed the evaluation of the latest flagship product for NXP. As a result, the product has successfully passed certification under the terms of the Common Criteria program with the highest achievable level of assurance.

The subject of the security evaluation was a Secure Element with Crypto Library SN220 series product against security requirements prescribed in the worldwide industry-recognized standard: PP0084 protection profile. More information can be found on the Common Criteria website.

The complexity of leading edge product evaluations in the market is constantly growing, preventing vendors from scaling their products certification output. There is a need for a robust partner that can meet strict requirements. This evaluation campaign was efficiently executed by Riscure, proving the lab’s capability to test the security of the subsequent product in the product line with minimal overhead on the vendor side and minimal impact to time to market, allowing best conditions for product deployment.

Pascal van Gimst, VP of Global Services Sales and Business Development at Riscure, comments: “Riscure team is proud of working with security and end user-focused partners such as NXP. These kinds of relationships provide us with constant exposure to emerging market trends and opportunities to support our partners in mastering key challenges, such as the scaling of the certification output. We are grateful that NXP placed their trust in Riscure’s technical and certification expertise to jointly explore new strategies and innovative approaches that scale across product lines and successfully meet all regulatory and assurance requirements. This would not be possible without a highly developed security-oriented mindset and close cooperation with the Dutch Common Criteria scheme”.

If you are interested in evaluating your solution according to the Common Criteria certification program, please feel free to get in touch with us via inforequest@riscure.com. You can view the full list of our accreditations on the website.

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