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New webinar: Fault Injection for Software Developers in a Nutshell

Is it possible to learn how to prevent fault injection attacks without a deep understanding of fault attack technologies? Join our webinar to find out! On April 21 at 11 am CEST Riscure will host a webinar based on this Fault Injection training.

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Riscure offers the first Fault Injection course for software developers aiming to harden their code. The learning material of the course lets you excel your knowledge and expertise in Secure Boot, Authentication, and Security Checks and how to prevent security attacks from applying countermeasures.

In this webinar, you will join the team, who created the course and get a sneak peek into the course. We have Valentina Banciu, who made the content accessible and interesting; Christos Tzotzadinis who made the interactive exercises; and Rafael Boix Carpi who has a lot of experience in performing Fault Injection attacks. The webinar will be hosted by Ileana Buhan, the product manager for training academy.

Don’t waste your time and sign up for the webinar now! Follow the link to register.