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New webinar: combining Pre-Silicon & Post-Silicon security testing

UPDATE: The recording of this webinar is now available. To access, fill in the form below.

We know we can simulate side-channel leakage, and we know we can measure side-channel leakage of a chip. Putting the two together, we show the extent to which simulations can be used to predict leakage during development and how simulations can be used to optimize post-silicon parameter tuning.

In this webinar we will discuss how hardware developers can benefit from advanced Pre-Silicon testing that can predict security vulnerabilities during the design stage. This method saves time and budget, helps to avoid costly redevelopments. However, Pre-Silicon approach can also be combined with traditional testing of a physical chip for Side Channel vulnerabilities. With intelligence accumulated at a Pre-Silicon stage, the speed and efficiency of Post-Silicon evaluation can be significantly improved. This, in turn, not only benefits security, but also helps to speed up the certification process. 

The webinar will take place on June 14 at 11am PDT (20:00 Central European Time). Your hosts for this webinar are Jasper van Woudenberg, CTO Riscure North America and Erwin in’ t Veld, Product Manager at Riscure. During a 45 minute presentation they will go over the theory of Pre- and Post-Silicon methods and will provide a practical demonstration using Riscure Inspector. After that we will have a Q&A session. The recording of this webinar will also be available​​.

It is the second meeting in a series of webinars dedicated to the Inspector Pre-Silicon. This time, the focus will be on technical details and our latest pre-silicon results. Here you can also access the recording of the first session.


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