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New Huracan automotive tools provide outstanding security insight

Complexity in cars is increasing constantly. The increase in electronic units in a car working together to give the driver an optimal experience has the unfortunate downside that the number of points for an attacker to exploit has also increased significantly.

Getting a deep insight in what is happening within the electronic circuits of a vehicle and pinpointing vulnerabilities that are exploitable by an attacker is what Huracan is designed for.

With options for fuzzing, mocking, triggering, side channel analysis and fault injection, Huracan is a huge step forward in enabling automotive vendors to verify and validate their security measures during development.

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About Riscure

Riscure, founded in 2001, is the global software and hardware security evaluation lab, specializing in connected device security and the leading manufacturer of Side Channel Analysis and Fault Injection test equipment. Riscure provides Services, Tools and Training to help customers around the world enhance protection of their solutions and speed up the process of secure development and certification. Riscure serves Automotive, Payment and Premium Content, Industrial IoT and Smart Grid industries as well as Government and Academic institutions. Riscure is headquartered in Delft, The Netherlands with offices in San Francisco, USA and Shanghai, China.