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Master your Secure Boot development: join Riscure’s special webinar

Secure Boot is a critical part of almost any computer system. In a nutshell, a correctly implemented solution ensures that your system will only boot original, untampered code; on the other hand, a compromised bootloader often enables the complete circumvention of security mechanisms.

At Riscure we have been evaluating bootloaders for over 15 years, and we noticed that there are some common mistakes when it comes to implementing a secure bootloader. This is not surprising given that up until now there hasn’t been any course or book teaching developers how to add security to a bootloader. What such expertise means for developers is less bug hunting. For businesses, it means lower costs, faster deployment, and more chances to avoid reputational damage. Because we believe that preventing is better than fixing, and in order to save billions of bootloaders from attacks, we have created an online course showing you how to design secure bootloaders.

We invite you to take a sneak peek at this training and talk to us about our experience and your concerns. Join us for a webinar on June 30th at 11.00 CET to meet the team who created the course. Click here to register.

During the webinar, our experts will discuss why it is important to take the security of a bootloader seriously. Our trainers will share more details about the training and how your team (and your company) can benefit from it. There will also be a demonstration of our customized online platform that enables team leaders to check their team’s progress and support them when needed.

The webinar will include the interactive presentation from Riscure experts as well as the Q&A session to address all your concerns and questions. Don’t miss your chance and sign up to attend the webinar now!

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