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Know your product to ensure its security – panel discussion

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Join Riscure experts online in a panel discussion about the key considerations of secure development. Use the form below to register in advance. The recording of this webinar will also be available for you to watch anytime.

The overall security of a product depends on the security of its individual elements and the integration between those elements. This is one of the driving principles of secure development. In other words, to ensure the security of any end product, development teams need to check the security of each element of the product as well as the integration between them.

In the panel discussion, Riscure experts will discuss the examples of security missteps they often see in the industry in regard to the secure development process. For example, many development teams only briefly check the security of elements and integrations at the early stages of the development. At the same time, other teams may only conduct security checks at the very end when it is too complicated and costly to change the security requirements of various components.

The question is, why don’t even experienced teams verify the security on time? In the experience of Riscure experts, some of the common reasons are limited budgets, the experience of security teams, and biased risk perceptions. Furthermore, the expertise and experiences of security teams sometimes lead to the decision to only work with part of the product, omitting some other vital security considerations. Lastly, previous experiences like hacking attempts on existing products create bias from security teams, which leads to focusing on only some areas of the development.

In our panel discussion, you will discover what security considerations need to be taken into account in the development process. More specifically, what does knowing your product mean? What elements need to be secured and at what stages? Find out answers to these questions and what Riscure recommendations for advancing security knowledge are in our panel discussion by filling in the form below.

You can also download a free whitepaper to discover more about 5 things you need to know to avoid the most common security errors.