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The latest releases of Inspector and True Code are available

This month Riscure presents the latest versions of the Inspector and True Code software suites. New releases are already available for our existing customers with a subscription.

New Inspector release

The newest Riscure Inspector releases for both Side Channel Analysis and Fault Injection are available for download for our subscription customers. These new versions of Inspector feature new options for our users to be more accurate and efficient in analyzing the security of their products and will make the usage and extension of the available test methods and cases more straightforward.

Fault Injection updates

Fault Injection can be a successful method for hackers to break the security of a variety of products. Difficulties often lie in finding the right combination of parameters that will lead to success out of a large search space. Tough hackers can have lots of time to do so, product developers usually have to work against tough deadlines and need to be as fast as possible. In order to support fast and efficient fault injection test cases, Riscure has implemented smart algorithms to automatically find an optimal combination of fault injection parameters instead of the need for this to be a possible long manual process.

Next, Riscure has added new features specifically focused on making laser fault injection tests more accurate. The newest version of the Inspector software can take into account small warping effects of the chip surface (when the surface is slightly bend) and makes sure it will automatically compensate for this effect and therefor keeping optimal laser focus. For all and a more in-depth explanation of the new features please watch our latest webcasts at webcasts.riscure.com.

Side Channel Analysis updates

Being successful with side channel analysis depends on the ability to adapt the default test methods supplied with Inspector to the specific needs of the product that is being tested. Riscure has updated the trace format that Inspector can work with, which will make programming within the Inspector environment a lot easier. Inspector will still be compatible with trace sets acquired with previous versions of our solution. For additional explanations on feature updates, please visit webcasts.riscure.com.

New True Code Release available

The latest True Code release is available for download for our subscription customers. This version of True Code is mainly focused on improving the usability. The configuration needed to import your projects into True Code and providing the correct compile information is simplified and will give more detailed information on things that are missing. Next, the feedback provided by the fault injection simulation in True Code is more actionable and less verbose by default which makes working with it easier for developers. For all new features please check out webcasts.riscure.com where we host a specific session on the latest True Code developments.

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