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Inspector 2018.1 released

We are excited to inform you that Inspector 2018.1 has been released! This version of Inspector offers a large number of new features, including:

  • Deep Learning (more details here)
  • Template analysis for RSA
  • Automation

Repeat your testing easily, comply with requirements from EMVCo and CC schemes and boost your test results with these powerful additions. Furthermore, we added improvements that enables you to use Inspector faster and easier, like the way FI results are logged and retrieved. For those using other solutions, we extended the SDK’s for Spider, icWaves 3 and Power Tracer 4 to get the most out of our hardware.

Inspector 2018.1 is the first release for our software subscription customers. Want these features but still on our old support contract and not migrated to a subscription yet? We will be in touch! Alternatively, contact your local Riscure representative or send an email to