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Insights from Experts: Riscure webinar on Tap-On-Phone security

Tap-On-Phone is one of the most exciting innovations in the payment chain for retailers today with a potential to utilize commercial-of-the-shelf (COTS) smartphones for Point-of-Sale terminals, also known as mobile PoS (mPoS). Riscure experts are inviting you to join our webinar about the security of Tap-On-Phone solutions and how we can help you certify your development.

Using smartphones as payment acceptance devices has seen strong growth in the past 2 years. Both Visa and Mastercard, as well as various domestic schemes, have Pilot or Solution Approval programs for this novel technology, and PCI launched its CPoC standard per December 2019.

On May 26 at 4 PM CEST, we invite you to join the Riscure team for the webinar on Tap-to-Phone solutions. This webinar aims to provide insights to organizations developing smartphone-based acceptance solutions on:

  • Tap-to-Phone, SPoC, CPoC. What are the available programs and what are their differences?
  • Securing smartphone-based acceptance solutions – Insight from the experts
  • Common pitfalls in Tap-on-Phone/CPoC security
  • Certification strategies and PIN entry

The webinar will be presented by Tim Hartog, Director of Mobile Payment at Riscure and Andres Moreno, Senior Security Analysts specialized in Mobile Security for Payment and Acceptance solutions.

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