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HiSilicon achieves Gold level under the Riscure Assurance program

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 14th September 2018 – Riscure and HiSilicon announce the successful completion of the first project under Riscure Assurance for Premium Content – a security evaluation program specifically designed to improve the security of devices and software utilized in a secure media path. The project focused on a range of software & hardware components of the HiSilicon’s Hi3798MV200 and Hi3796MV200 devices and SDK.  Riscure’s team of security experts evaluated the hardware and software aspects of the solutions and graded them according to pre-defined criteria.

This project is the first where a solution, in this case, both solutions, achieved the Gold level of security assurance. All devices aiming for a Gold level under Riscure’s evaluation program undergo strict tests for hardware and software security. They are tested against a wide variety of side channel and fault injection attacks, and a significant part of their software code is reviewed for potential weaknesses. The resulting verdict offers a vendor, their customers, and partners, as well as the industry much-needed security confidence.

Marc Witteman, CEO of Riscure, commented: “We are happy that vendors from different industries start to recognize the need to embed a secure mindset during all stages of product development. Riscure Assurance is a fresh approach to achieve this goal: instead of simple vulnerability hunting, we offer developers a strategic security improvement path from the early stages of design and all the way up to certification and product maintenance. Riscure Assurance for Premium Content is based on years of experience working with the Pay TV industry and offers our customers unique security insights on their solutions”.

John Liu, GM of HiSilicon’s STB Product Line, commented: “We are very proud that not one, but both of our latest generation UHD/4K solutions achieved the highest Riscure Assurance Gold level. During the evaluation, Riscure’s team was extremely helpful offering advice and security knowledge often beyond the scope of the project. We are looking forward to testing additional products against Riscure Assurance requirements, as it helps us deliver secure solutions and simplifies the process of certification”.

Riscure Assurance for Premium Content is a security evaluation program designed by Riscure that takes into account the unique requirements of the Premium Content industry. The program offers a solid improvement path by grouping security requirements and evaluation routines into several groups. It is designed to be implemented during any stage of product development. The security levels are also matched with the requirements of certification schemes. It is built to evaluate individual components as well as complete systems. Learn more about Riscure Assurance on Riscure’s website.

About Riscure: Riscure evaluates the hardware and software security of chip technology and embedded/connected devices that are meant to operate securely in any environment. Riscure is the leading security test lab for chips and integrated systems for the content protection industry. Riscure is also a market leading provider of security test equipment for side channel as well as fault injection robustness of technology. Riscure’s equipment is used by manufacturers, government agencies and security test laboratories around the world. Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

About HiSilicon: For more than 25 years, HiSilicon has grown into a world leading fabless IC semiconductor company, who is devoted to build a better connected world and drives the way to a premium video era. As the pioneer and accelerator in the fast moving industry, we are capable of providing innovative HD and Full HD end to end video technologies. Solutions and products has successfully empowered over 100 countries covering multiple industries particularly in communication, video and IoT.

The development of worldwide video industry has been accelerated through HiSilicon’s end to end premium 4K chipset solutions, including IP Camera, Set Top Box and Display. As a significant player in IoT industry, we have the advantage of providing multiple solutions utilizing the most advanced technologies of PLC/ HiSilicon secured the industry leading position through its precious end to end video technologies from capture, link, decoding to display. We will work closely with all partners and clients to build a better connected world and premium video era together.

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