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Fast & Curious: the Riscure way

One of the biggest challenges for modern development team leads is to ensure the top-of-mind security awareness of their team. In Riscure’s experience, we often encounter vulnerabilities during the evaluation process. Most of these vulnerabilities could be easily avoided if the team had basic security training, learned to turn their theory into practice or have an in-house evaluator with the expertise sufficient to find such vulnerabilities.

The typical reflex of the team leads in such situations is to throw some stock training at the wall and hope the knowledge and skills stick. However, with providing corporate training for thousands of security professionals and using many different methods over the years, the Riscure team has found two things to be true:

  1. eLearning does not work
  2. Classroom training does not stick

Join Riscure’s Alex Goumans, Product Manager, and Rafael Boix Capri, Principal Security Trainer & Security Specialist,  at a “Fast & Curious: the Riscure way” on-demand webinar. During this webinar, you will learn about Riscure’s view on corporate security training and knowledge sharing and how it has evolved over the years. Alex and Rafael will also share and explain what our team is doing at the new Riscure Academy in order to address the challenges of skilling up the development team and maintaining their skills and knowledge level.

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