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Apply Deep Learning to Hardware Security with Riscure

Earlier this year Riscure released Inspector 2018.2 – an update to our class-leading software that helps companies around the world secure their devices by testing them against Side Channel and Fault Injection attacks. This update featured the second generation of Deep Learning algorithms: specifically developed by Riscure to help automate and speed up the process of hardware security testing. We believe Deep Learning has a potential to further alter the landscape of hardware security: by changing our perception of hardware attacks as ‘complex’ and ‘costly’ and by identifying new, yet unknown methods to circumvent security mechanisms.

Recognizing the importance of Deep Learning, we are happy to present the fully reworked Advanced Side Channel Analysis Training to include a full day of Deep Learning theory and practice. We also invite you to a special webinar on the Deep Learning for Side Channel Analysis scheduled August 30.

The Training

We have reworked our two-day Advanced Side Channel Analysis Training to share Deep Learning insights and know-how. The course scheduled September 3-4 (offline training at Riscure HQ in Delft, The Netherlands) includes for the very first time an entire day devoted to Deep Learning with theoretical and practical assignments brought to you by our experts.

To prepare for an advanced Deep Learning topic, during the first day we focus on leakage detection, characterization and exploitation. We discuss the state of the art leakage detection methodology known as Test Vector Leakage Assessment (TVLA) and show how to derive custom leakage models and finally we cover template attacks – the strongest attack from an information theory perspective.

You can register to attend this course immediately or contact us via to learn about future trainings and on-site training options. If you are looking for an introduction to hardware security, we are offering Essential Side Channel Analysis and Essential Fault Injection courses. Both are scheduled for October 2018. Feel free to get in touch with us to learn more.

The Webinar

On August 30, Jasper van Woudenberg, CTO of Riscure North America, will present on the topic of “Lowering the bar: deep learning for side-channel analysis”. In this webinar we will show how Deep Learning algorithms can help automate the signal analysis process in Side Channel Analysis, the cornerstone of hardware security. We will show how typical signal processing problems such as noise reduction and re-alignment are automatically solved by the deep learning network. Applying these new methods makes it possible to break a lightly protected AES cryptographic routine. You can preview the slides from Jasper’s presentation at BlackHat and our research paper on the topic here

The webinar will go live on 9AM Pacific Time (6PM CEST) August 30. To attend this webinar, please register here.