Fully recognized by EMVco for IC evaluations


Riscure has been performing security evaluations of smart card IC’s for decades. Our security test tool Inspector, globally considered a golden standard in side channel analysis and fault injection testing, was originally developed with a smart card focus. Some of our long-term customers are smar...

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12 Jul 2016

Speaking at WhibOx, FDTC, see us at CHES 2016!

Riscure is proudly sponsoring and exhibiting at FDTC and CHES 2016 in Santa Barbara, August 14 - 19. Marc Witteman, our CEO, will be speaking at WhibOx on the 14th about Riscure's experience from the field. Niek Timmers will be presenting on controlling the program counter on the ARM platform wit...

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7 Jul 2016

Summer Course on Physical Attacks aNd Design At...


During the Summer Course on Physical Attacks aNd Design Attestation 2016 (PANDA Course 2016) our Senior Security Analyst and Trainer - Rafael Boix Carpi- will give a presentation about "Advanced SCA on protected implementations". The presentation will be given on July 9, 2016 from 13.30 until 15....

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22 Jun 2016

Riscure tools seminar in Korea - May 26th, 2016


Together with our reseller Steve Han (H2CGlobal) we would like to invite you to our open/free training/demo in Seoul, Korea on May 26th, 2016. This one day event we organize for those who are interested in our Java Card (JCOS), White Box Crypto (WBC), Side Channel Analysis (SCA) and Fault Injecti...

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13 May 2016

Riscure User Workshop 2016


We are pleased to invite our Riscure tools users and support contract holders to the 9th annual Riscure User Workshop 2016. This year the two-day workshop will be held in three continents Europe, North America and Asia: Netherlands: 28 - 29 September USA (Maryland): 5 - 6 October China (Shangh...

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1 Apr 2016

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