Inspector User Workshop 2015

Our 2015 User Workshop for Europe will be held in Amsterdam, September 9 and 10 at the venue Loetje aan 't IJ. The workshop for Asia will take place in Shanghai, October 14 and 15. We will inform you as soon as possible when we have fixed the location for Shanghai and the dates for the US worksho...

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3 Jul 2015

Expanding our business to Brazil


Last month we have signed an agreement with a new Riscure reseller - NGN Telecom. With NGN Telecom we are expanding our business to Latin America starting in Brazil. NGN Telecom has many years of experience in (security) test tools in various technology markets. For more local information please ...

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1 Jul 2015

New Support Contracts

Security is a moving target. We understand it is important but challenging to stay up-to-date with your knowledge and tools. We propose a variety of support options to make sure your security test team gets the most value out of your tools and themselves.We cut our service contract in three items...

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2 Jun 2015

Multi-Area, multi-spot or single laser attacks

Riscure is offering a fiber coupled multi-area solution as well as an optical in-view multi-spot solution together with their partner Opto. We have an extensive portfolio of professionally supported microscope systems for Fault Injection purposes, the software to use it and the laser sources that...

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2 Apr 2015

New Inspector Hardware: Spider


The Spider is a generic workbench to interact with (complex) embedded targets. It reduces set-up complexity in Side Channel Analysis (SCA) and Fault Injection (FI) by creating a single control point with all the I/O and reset lines for custom or embedded interfaces. It can be controlled from the ...

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2 Mar 2015

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