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My internship at Riscure: Daan de Heij

Author: Daan de Heij, Valeria Vatolina

Meet Daan de Heij, who has been an intern at Riscure since November 2023. Daan’s key responsibility was the development and maintenance of the internal customer portal. Learn more about his experience as an intern at Riscure and what he worked on.

Which study did you follow?

With a background in econometrics and operations research, I pursued an MSc in Computer Science with a focus on Software Technology at TU Delft.

What was the goal of your internship?

For many years, it has been possible to pay with your mobile phone. Recently, it has become possible to receive payments via the mobile phone, with the smartphone functioning as a payment terminal. As this is already being used in the real world, securing this infrastructure becomes of upmost importance.

Riscure offers certification services for such products. For these projects, there is an internal portal, used by both customers and Riscure security analysts. Customers can submit documents, communicate with the team, and receive progress updates – making the customer portal a central tool for the entire certification process.

My work during the internship focused on developing and maintaining this internal portal at Riscure. During the six months internship, I had the amazing opportunity to work on both the front-end (JS, CSS), as well as the back-end (Django) of the portal for new feature development. I worked on new feature requests such as the search bar. I was involved in bug fixing and server infrastructure, such as setting up a testing instance – a separate environment for testing new features or fixing bugs. When I just started, there was little documentation on the portal – during my internship I also wrote documentation. I was also standby for handling urgent requests and managing the repository – which involved communication with the analysts and categorizing various incoming issues.

How did Riscure support you in carrying out the project?

Sergio, my supervisor, provided comprehensive walkthroughs of the codebase and server infrastructure at the beginning of the internship. His guidance continued throughout the internship, always being available to assist with any questions or difficulties. I have learned a lot from him and became more confident in my skillset. Additionally, the weekly meetings for all interns allowed me to gain valuable input from my fellow interns and get a second opinion whenever I needed it.

What is your impression of the Riscure team and culture?

The Riscure team is composed of highly talented and passionate individuals with a wealth of in-house expertise, particularly in security. Despite the strong individual capabilities of team members, there is a strong sense of collaboration that enhances the overall work environment.

What do you like the most about working at Riscure?

During my internship I gained a lot of experience, skills and knowledge, working on production software for the first time. I appreciate the level of responsibility I was given – the opportunity to take initiative, come up with my own ideas, which were valued and considered by the team – more than you would expect from an intern. I experienced this autonomy not only in the assignments I received but also in the smaller projects that I initiated on my own.

What made you choose Riscure for your internship assignment?

For one, I found it an interesting place to do my internship with Riscure being a company working with cutting-edge technology and considered an industry leader in its market. Throughout the application process, I felt confident about Riscure, particularly after seeing the team and experiencing the company culture.

After many years at university, I was eager to work on a ‘real’ product that would be used by real people, unlike much of the work at university that ends up unused. Riscure offered this opportunity, and it was highly motivating to see my work benefiting the users of the portal.

What is the most memorable thing about working at Riscure?

Catching up with co-workers and fellow interns over lunch was the most memorable part of my time at Riscure. This was the time of the day when I could learn more about what the others are working on and discuss hobbies and interests.

Who should consider doing an internship at Riscure?

For computer science students specializing in security, Riscure is an ideal place to apply your skills and gain invaluable experience. Even for those not specialized in security, like myself, Riscure offers excellent opportunities, although there are generally fewer internships available without a security focus.

What inspires you in your work?

I see every task as an opportunity to learn and apply creativity. As software and technology become integral parts of society, there is a great responsibility to develop solutions that benefit the greater good. The design choices we make can have significant consequences, both positive and negative, and this drives me to be conscientious and innovative in my work.

Looking for an internship in the device security domain? At Riscure, we’re always on the lookout for new interns! Read more and apply here.

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