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IoT – Smartgrid and Smartmeter Security

Smart Metering is being implemented in many countries around the world. The European Parliament mandates Smart Metering to be implemented by 2022, while the US Government considers Smart Metering key to national efforts to further energy independence. At the same time concerns are raised on the security and privacy aspects of these concepts. For example, what is the risk of attackers interrupting the energy supply of a factory plant, a city or even an entire country?

Are you confronted with the questions below?

We can help you address all relevant security questions concerning smartgrid products. From design reviews to help your development team deliver a secure solution, all the way to testing the final product for standards compliance and/or your own security requirements review.

How do meter products implement security?

What is the actual security level compared to what it was designed to be?

What impact has the GPRS network operator on my security posture?

Are my security measures in balance with the actual business risks?

What is the security impact of an architecture using Data Concentrators?

Does the implementation of DLMS security protocols counter all my security threats?

How sound is my Smart Grid security architecture?

Is security testing of the Smart Meter required if I can communicate securely with it?

What can you actually do with these security vulnerabilities in a Smart Meter?

Why should the security protection of a Smart Meter be so different from a conventional meter?

Security challenges

In traditional metering, household level fraud and attacks on energy transmission or distribution assets are the main concerns for the utility or Smart Grid company. Smart Metering involving data monitoring, disabling, software updates and secure communication applying cryptography brings along a whole new set of security challenges. Smart Meter products are currently being rolled out to stay in the field for the next 15 years, while standardization is still in progress.

Review, testing and certification

of the playing field and deep knowledge on the technology, Riscure offers security review and testing services to manufacturers, vendors, utilities and Smart Grid companies that are involved in Smart Metering business. At any stage in the development cycle or at issuance of a final product, we can review your architecture design and test the strength of your implementation. Further, if you are responsible for a Smart Grid, we can assist you in establishing an effective security certification process for Smart Meters.

Our expertise includes review, testing and certification of Smart Meters, data concentrators, IT and GPRS networks. Furthermore, we offer training on embedded security being used in the Smart Meter industry.

One of our customers says:

“Last year I have worked with Riscure on penetration tests for the first time and I was positively surprised and extremely pleased about their forensic knowledge, skills and results. What I liked the most is the way they presented these results to our management board: no technical or difficult information but understandable language viewed in several attack scenarios. This shows that they understand their business and how they can be complementary to the security officer. For me it was a good start for a nice and professional relationship.”

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