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Defense, military and forensic

Your partner for research and lab tooling for sensitive applications

Riscure’s security research and development over the past 15+ years have resulted in a range of security tooling solutions which now outfit the majority of the leading security labs in the world, counting well over one hundred partners.

In-house testing means you won’t have to rely on an external lab while still using the same SCA/FI and software crypto test tools as the ones used by the best security test labs in the world.  It allows you to directly focus on testing and research rather than developing your own tools.

Our tooling suite covers the broad spectrum of hardware testing with Side Channel Analysis and Fault Injection, as well as optional software test techniques like White Box Crypto.


Key advantages

The de-facto up-to-date security tool standard

Inspector’s wide use and resulting R&D support, ensures the tooling will be developed to test for the latest attack methods and templates.

Open architecture to adjust to different national crypto standards

Open architecture to adjust to different national crypto standards

No need to rely on external labs to test sensitive equipment

Easy to use GUI modules and fully integrated hardware

Focus on testing, instead of developing tooling, very quickly. SDK’s are also available for all connected hardware.

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