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IoT Security Certifications 2021

The industry of IoT devices has been developing rapidly. However, the field of IoT security certification is still quite fragmented and immature. Nevertheless, there are already some well-defined certifications in place like Common Criteria, PSA, and SESIP.

In this on-demand webinar, Riscure’s Senior Sales manager in IoT and Automotive industry Bernie Rietkerken will look into why the device makers would consider getting a security certification at the IoT component level and what kind of options are already there.

Modern IoT security market

Currently, the IoT security market is focused around standards, regulations, ad certifications. The spread over various areas often leads to device makers being hesitant about investing in the security of their devices, as well as raising their awareness of the topic.

Some of the reasons that can encourage device makers to make a step towards the security certification of their IoT component will be discussed in the webinar. Some of such are the demand from the customer for the stamp of the security level, increasing brand reputation, and provide confidence about the actual level of security.

Find out what steps can the device makers take towards getting the IoT certification and understand the differences between various existing certifications (e.g., Common Criteria, PSA, SESIP) in our latest on-demand webinar.

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