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Don’t let your software be derailed by a hardware attack

Many developers mistakenly think that Fault Injection attacks are only a concern for hardware related topics. In fact, the Fault Injection can potentially disrupt the software of the hardware device. As a result, it can prevent the correct execution of the program and threaten the security of critical parts of the code.

Understand Fault Mitigation Patterns

In this video, join Riscure experts to learn and understand proposed Fault Mitigation Patterns. These patterns focus on the ways to strengthen the software to Resist from, Recover after, and Respond to hardware attacks. Throughout Riscure’s long-standing experience and expertise in testing and evaluating Fault Injection, we have identified that not only mitigation patterns need to be applied throughout the whole code but also that it is the most cost-efficient to ensure code security at the early stages of the product development life cycle.

To make it easier for you to grasp the Fault Mitigation Patterns and when to apply them, Riscure experts will demonstrate how to identify vulnerable parts of the code and how to mitigate those vulnerabilities. Do you want to know more? Register to watch the video below.

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