Join our Security Tools and Testing Team: Working at Riscure

We are always looking for talented people with an academic degree and background in Physics, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science or Mathematics.

Looking for a great challenge in a unique environment?

Vibrant, young and young at heart, a bit contrary and full of energy to kick up a storm in the world… we love what we do and welcome everyone who has a serious interest and skills in the security and software/hardware development fields.  Check us out in the video.

Working at Riscure

Probably the most well regarded security team in embedded systems and device security!

At Riscure we cover all security aspects of embedded systems. We started with strong expertise in hardware for which we constantly improve attack methods such as Side Channel Analysis and Fault Injection (all the way up to double laser attacks). On the software side, we perform architecture, design and code reviews to evaluate where code may lead to security risk and help customers avoid those issues.  A lot of the tools we use are invented and developed in-house and have become de facto standards in the industry. Join Riscure to share your knowledge and benefit from the comprehensive expertise of our security team.

Security will never get easy

We like to help our customers throughout the product development cycle. When we break their chips or code, we stimulate them to improve security of their devices. We share our expertise to the public and train our customers how to develop products with security in mind. The bottom line is: working at Riscure is a constant challenge for our security team. Our ultimate purpose is to help make good security the norm, and that means perfecting our skills and tool set every day.

How we work

We value each other’s opinion, we realize we need one another to perform outstanding work in a complex technical environment and we understand the fine balance between creativity and structure. Our flat organizational structure and strong involvement of everyone in the company makes us highly innovative and a fun place to work. We believe that everyone should have a say in how he or she performs his or her work. Not just for the sake of it, but because it creates true job satisfaction and a strong commitment that result in high quality and creative work.


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