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Products Sales Manager

This position is available in Shanghai, China

English Version below.


  • 产品销售对中国市场的产品销售营收负责
  • 与客户沟通,在设备、安全问题、测试、预算和采购计划方面,发现每一个潜在机会并提供相应的方案
  • 组织关于产品的在线或线下、研讨会及其他业务活动,独立或在RBV产品团队的支持向客户展示、演示产品
  • 与CXT团队合作,为客户提供回答、升级和解决方案的技术需求支持;为客户提供产品培训
  • 通过及时的更新渠道,向产品经理及团队反馈客户对产品想法和市场情况
  • 与产品团队合作,及时更新产品相关内容,合理运用内部资源推动产品销售目标的实现


  • 本科及以上学历(科学或工程优先)
  • 在测试和安全技术方面能力出众–5年以上的测试工具或设备的销售经验
  • 根据绩效预期及计划预期,及时调整、更改和评估销售状况
  • 良好的沟通能力(透明、开发、活力)的优秀团队合作者
  • 独立工作能力及结果为导向
  • 在中国及有需要地方出差
  • 语言能力:中英流利(听说读写)




  • Products Sales will be independently accountable for the revenue results and ownership over Products in China.
  • Communicate with customers to understand their device, security concerns, test inquiries, budget and procurement plan, to find every potential opportunity in early stage and provide proposals correspondent.
  • Organize online or offline roadshows, workshop, and other promotion or business activities for Products, make presentation, demonstration of Products to customers independently or with support from RBV Products team.
  • Support on customers’ technical demands independently by collaborating with CXT, to answer, elevate and resolve customers’ technical issues; provide assistance to customers with training.
  • Updating pipeline with accurate forecast, illustrate customers’ feedback and market trends about Products to Product Manager and team.
  • Align with Products team closely for updating the knowledge of new products and promotion, mobilizes internal resources to drive the implementation of Products sales target.

General skills and requirements/:

  • Bachelor degree and above (science or engineering preferred)
  • Strong affinity with test and security technology — 5+ years test tools or equipment sales experience in one of our targeted markets
  • Monitoring and evaluating your sales progress against stated expectations, in addition to aligning and changing behavior with performance expectations
  • Excellent communication skills and team player who loves the transparency, open communication and dynamic company
  • Independent working ability and results oriented
  • Flexible and enjoy traveling to customers in China
  • Language: Chinese native and English fluent in reading, writing and conversation

Please send your CV to the following email address: