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Riscure Blog

In this blog post, Riscure’s security analyst Naasa Fikri and senior trainer/senior security analyst Yashin Mehaboobe illustrate a common approach for a light security assessment of smart home devices with D-Link DIR 2680 router as a target.

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In our previous two blog posts, we first introduced Samsung’s TEE OS TEEGRIS and then showed how to exploit a Trusted Application (TA) and gain runtime control.

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In this second blog post, we will continue to explore TEEGRIS by reverse engineering TAs in order to identify and exploit vulnerabilities.

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The goal of our investigation was to assess how strong Samsung’s TEE security OS is and whether it can be compromised to obtain runtime control and extract all protected assets, allowing, e.g. decryption of user data and possible payment frauds.

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Riscure has discovered a serious vulnerability in an affordable ESP32 IoT solution developed by Espressif Systems.

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In this article we show an attack on unmodified KeepKey hardware cryptowallet, which uses electro-magnetic fault injection.

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We set out to create a proprietary cable that is capable for sniffing all the messages sent through the CAN gateway.

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